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What is Sylphis3D
  • Fully featured cutting edge 3D game engine
  • State of the art realtime unified lighting and shadowing
  • Per pixel lighting with Bump mapping, parallax mapping and specular highlights
  • Pixel/Vertex Shaders 3.0
  • Motion blur, bloom and other post-process effects
  • Realistic physics, vehicles
  • 3D Sound
  • Fully Python scripted with revolutionary design
  • High quality automatic reduction of high-polygon models 

Buy Sylphis3D Now
Sylphis3D SDK for 99
  • Full Python source code
  • Exporters for MAX, Maya, Blender, etc
  • Forum and project management access
  • E-mail support
  • 12 months free updates


Motion blur (View video)
Displacement mapping
Displacement mapping
Physics and dynamic lights
Physics and dynamic lights
Bloom and breakable objects
Bloom and breakable objects
Stable physics
Stable physics
Development environment
Development environment
  • Unified lighting and shadowing
  • A combination of BSP-Portal rendering system 
  • Per-Pixel lighting (diffuse, specular, glossmaped bump mapping)
  • Beam-Tree optimized realtime shadows
  • Filtered lights
  • Object oriented scene management
  • Stackable post-process effects (Glare, motion blur, old film, etc)
  • Vertex/Fragment programs
  • GLSL vertex/fragment shaders
  • Procedural texture-mapping
  • Multipass rendering
  • Load time image manipulation : contrast, brightness, mixing
  • Conversion from height maps to normal maps
  • Combination of any number of height maps and normal maps to one normal map.
  • Texture coordinate manipulation : scale, rotate, scroll
  • Vertex position manipulation
  • Color manipulation
  • All parameters can be assigned to functions of time (pulsing textures, etc)
  • PNG, TGA and JPEG images support
Collision detection - response
  • Per polygon collision detection and motion clipping
  • Various collision primitives : sphere, box, capsule, cylinder
  • Joints between bodies : hinge, ball-socket, double-hinge
  • Rigid body dynamics(Realistic physics simulation)
  • 3D sound
  • Moving sound sources, and listeners with sound pitching(Doppler effect simulation)
  • Environment acoustics simulation
  • Support for EAX
  • Streaming and precached loading of audio data
  • WAV, OGG wave file support
Animation system
  • Skeletal based animation with vertex blending (Organic meshes are deformed correctly at elbows etc)
  • Skeletal animation blending
  • Bone animation override
  • Fully Python scripted
  • Fully object oriented
  • Everything is script controlled
  • Scripts can be attached to almost everything.
  • Green-threads for clean game code. These are not system threads and have no overhead as system threads. Sylphis can run hundreds of threads in run state with no performance cost.
  • Action based game programming
  • Script console. While the engine is running you can actually implement a new game entity and spawn it in the world!
    Intergraded development environment(SDE). While the engine is running you can start the SDE end debug the code on the fly (Inspect variables, set breakpoints, etc)
  • Collection files so that you don't have to store hundreds of files in the engine's directory
  • Automatic memory management and garbage collection on both C++ and Python objects. For C++ objects this is an option.
  • Easy user interface building.
  • Truetype font support
  • Cross platform and cross compiler

 System requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium III 500, 128 MB RAM
  • OpenGL Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator, DirectX compatible Soundcard


Support is provided through private forums and project management system. All licensees of Sylphis3D are granted 12 month free mail support and updates on the engine. 

Contact info

For any questions feel free to contact us at
More info can be found at the Sylphis3D Developer Network

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